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Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)

G. H. Financials provides Clearing, Settlement and Order Routing services for the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX).

About the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)

In April 1989, TFX was established as a membership organisation with the capital provided by large sized financial institutions from around the globe. In April 2004 TFX was demutualised and incorporated in order to strengthen corporate governance as well as to enhance convenience and transparency of the market.

TFX transformed in 2007 from a “Financial Futures Exchange” - one that can handle only financial futures - into a more comprehensive “Financial Exchange” that handles any kind of financial products.

Today the exchange contributes to the growth of the Japanese financial market and continues to construct a reliable and leading market infrastructure.

Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)

Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) trading summary

Traded volume
  Contracts traded: 40,900,423
  Annual change: -37.6%

Traded volume is all contracts for the 12 month period ending December 2014. Data is for illustrative purposes only. Source: FIA

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