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CME Group: E-mini S&P Select Sector Futures: Infinite Possibilities, More Tradable Than Ever

January 2017

E-mini S&P Select Sector Futures offer the ability to not only access the ten individual S&P Select Sectors around-the clock via CME Globex but also trade the same underlying S&P indices that the most popular sector ETFs track.

Capitalize on market volatility and fine-tune your S&P 500 exposure with 10 Select Sector futures: accessible, liquid, and low-cost products that provide powerful possibilities for your portfolio.

Key Benefits

  • Sector exposure in futures format
  • Around-the-clock access
  • Up to 80% margin offsets with S&P 500 futures
  • Flexible execution through the CLOB, Block trades, BTIC and EFPs
  • Liquidity that continues to grow.

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