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CME Group: Understanding Copper Futures

May 2017

COMEX Copper futures are off to an extraordinary start with open interest records refreshed 14 times so far, reaching an all-time high on February 13 at 300,966 contracts and YoY ADV up nearly 18% as of the end of April.

Copper overview

Copper futures contracts are designed to meet the needs of a range of market participants as an important risk management tool and investment vehicle. Copper prices are sensitive to cyclical industries, like construction and industrial machinery manufacturing, and other geo-political events.

Copper Education

Get to Know COMEX Copper Futures

Join Dave Lerman of CME Group as he takes a closer look at COMEX Copper futures, including the key benefits you can leverage today.

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Copper – A Leading Indicator of Growth

Read an overview of opportunities in the copper markets, including the influence China has on prices, strategies for trading, and more.

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COMEX Copper Futures at a Glance

View an infographic that illustrates the trading codes, contract size, warehouse rules, and other specifications for Copper futures.

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Copper Markets Data

View current markets information including:

  • Historical data
  • Intraday date
  • Heatmaps

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Copper Research

Several key economic factors have affected Copper’s rise and Erik Norland, CME Group’s Senior Economist, discusses these points from the U.S. fiscal package to China’s economy and the disruption to current supply due to mine closures.

Copper: Sustained Rally Hinges on China, Trump

Can copper's sharp rally be sustained? It depends on whether China maintains its growth, and Congress approves infrastructure spending and tax reform.

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Will Fed Rate Hikes Temper Copper Rally?

Copper's blistering rally coincides with the Fed gearing up for multiple rate hikes in 2017. Will higher borrowing costs impact the red metal's performance?

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Factors that Can Blunt Copper’s Blistering Rally

Copper's sharp price rally has been fueled by expectations of a U.S. fiscal stimulus package, China's still respectable growth rate, and supply disruption.

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Copper Supply and Demand Dynamics

Watch Senior Economist Erik Norland explain the supply & demand dynamics of copper, including how China’s economy mining prices affect the markets.

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