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Bloomberg EMSX

From a single, customizable workspace, you can access pre-trade analytics to select and trade single and basket orders from any OMS, choose the best broker for your trading strategy with true broker neutrality, route to the execution venue of your choice and analyze execution performance across all venues in real time.


  • View pre-trade data and charts to categorize trade difficulty based on liquidity, volatility and market impact
  • Utilize the Indications of Interest (IOI) tools and RANK to help you decide which broker to use for equity orders
  • Monitor multiple performance criteria and adjust execution strategies in real time
  • Classify group orders in the blotter any way you choose (i.e., by side, broker, country, sector, basket, exchange and more.)


  • Communicate directly with your brokers in real time through Instant Bloomberg®
  • Execute globally with more than 2,000 brokers and banks, dark pools, ECNs, more than 50 algo-suites and other venues directly from EMSX


  • Sort and filter orders on technical indicators and multiple benchmarks, including arrival price and custom VWAPs
  • Export fills to proprietary systems or a prime broker for post-trade processing
  • Generate historical transaction cost analysis reports against multiple benchmarks through Bloomberg Transaction Cost Analysis (BTCA)


Bloomberg EMSX

Bloomberg EMSX trading summary

Traded volume
  Contracts traded: N/A
  Annual change: N/A

Traded volume is all contracts for the 12 month period ending December 2014. Data is for illustrative purposes only. Source: FIA

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