Market Makers

G. H. Financials supports both Futures and Options Market Makers. We provide you with the market leading trading technology and seamless integration of systems and risk management tools you expect. Allowing you to make markets to the world’s leading derivatives exchanges supported by dedicated staff 24 hours a day, six days a week.

Our Market Making clients, often dealing in several high-volume markets, value our knowledge of the financial markets and our understanding of the role they play in providing liquidity.

We deliver clients order-routing technology solutions that ensure speed of execution, transparent and real time management information, extensive back-end integration, as well as state of the art risk management, all in a cost-effective package.

G. H. Financials Bespoke Services for Market Makers

G. H. Financials tailor our services for your specific needs regardless of whether you are an Investment Bank or an Independent Proprietary Trader. For our Market Makers we are able to offer a wide range of custom solutions including:

  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Fully tailored risk management solutions
  • Front and back-end system integration using industry standard protocols, reducing administration and management costs.

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