Trading Bureaux

G. H. Financials has significant experience in helping Trading Bureaux with their market access, settlement and clearing. We have a history of providing many of the leading Trading Bureaux around the world with comprehensive cost-effective services that enhance their trading opportunities, reduce their risk and help them manage their costs.

The global nature of our client base means we provide services around the clock. Our support desk staff is manned by English, Hindi and Mandarin speakers to accommodate our ever growing list of international clients.

G. H. Financials Bespoke Services for Trading Bureaux

G. H. Financials tailor our services for your specific needs regardless of whether you are an Investment Bank or an Independent Proprietary Trader. For our Trading Bureaux clients we are able to offer a wide range of custom solutions including:

  • Fully tailored risk management systems
  • Cost effective trading fees tailored to your trading style
  • Full real-time reporting of positions
  • Multilingual support staff
  • Market access to the world's major derivatives exchanges

More information:

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

London: +44-20-7653-6410
Chicago: +1-312-586-1801
Hong Kong: +852-5808-0324 ext. 2210
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