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Singapore Exchange (SGX)

G. H. Financials provides Clearing, Settlement and Order routing services for the Singapore Exchange.

About the Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange (SGX) is the Asian Gateway, connecting investors in search of Asian growth to corporate issuers in search of global capital. SGX represents the premier access point for managing Asian capital and investment exposure.

SGX is Asia’s most international exchange with more than 40% of companies listed on SGX originating outside of Singapore. SGX offers its clients the world’s biggest offshore market for Asian equity futures, centred on Asia’s three largest economies – China, India and Japan.

If you’re looking for access to Asia-Pacific securities and derivatives, look no further than the Singapore Exchange.

Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Singapore Exchange (SGX) trading summary

Traded volume
  Contracts traded: 117,435,751
  Annual change: 5.4%

Traded volume is all contracts for the 12 month period ending December 2014. Data is for illustrative purposes only. Source: FIA

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