Exchange Membership

If you are a high volume trader it can be beneficial to investigate becoming an Exchange Member. G. H. Financials can guide you through this process.

The advantages of Exchange Membership are clear: it can reduce overall transaction costs as well as provide additional trading channels on some Exchanges. However, the membership application process for Exchanges can be complex.

Our Exchange Membership Assistance Service has been designed from the ground up, making it straightforward to discover just what you could save by becoming an Exchange Member.

G. H. Financials’ Exchange Membership Assistance Service

Our service can help you obtain and maintain Exchange Membership and includes:

  • Guidance on selecting the right type of Exchange membership based upon your entity type, together with your current and anticipated trading behaviour
  • Guidance on the specific requirements for Exchange Membership
  • Assistance in the membership application process; provision of application forms, letters and statements
  • Acting as a sponsoring member for your application
  • Acting as the designated clearing member for your application
  • Management of monthly/annual seat leases (where applicable)

More information:

If you would like to find out more, please contact:

London: +44-20-7653-6410
Chicago: +1-312-586-1801
Hong Kong: +852-5808-0324 ext. 2210
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